Artist’s renderings showing some of the exciting changes coming to the Bay Terrace Shopping Center.


Cord Meyer Development is proud to have begun an exciting transformation of the Bay Terrace Shopping Center. Built more than 60 years ago, the shopping center has not undergone significant design changes in recent years. That’s all changing.

Cord Meyer has embarked on an ambitious series of improvements to redevelop the Bay Terrace Shopping Center, including:

  • Updated facades throughout the center
  • Contemporary entrance signage on Bell Boulevard
  • Reconstructed parking lots and walkways
  • New landscaping
  • Expanded outdoor seating areas
  • Designated space for community events
  • Total redesign of vacant Victoria’s Secret/Applebee’s space with the addition of a second floor.

As the project continues over the next few years, Cord Meyer sees an opportunity to transform the Bay Terrace into a thriving mixed-use retail center that will benefit Bay Terrace and the surrounding communities. While we are still in the early stages of planning, one thing is certain — the Bay Terrace Shopping Center must change to remain a vital community resource.

Cord Meyer Development has met with local organizations and citizen groups to discuss the proposed changes and its investment in the Bay Terrace community. We look forward to exploring all options that will keep the Bay Terrace Shopping Center a hub of economic activity for job creation, charitable giving, tax-revenue generation, and small business growth.

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