A Message from Matthew Whalen

One year ago, I had the honor to be named President and Chief Executive Officer of Cord Meyer Development Company. Having spent my career in real estate, I knew of Cord Meyer’s storied history as one of the oldest, most respected real estate organizations in the New York metropolitan area. I also knew of its impressive portfolio of retail, office, and residential properties and the company’s well-deserved reputation for community support.

However, it wasn’t until I joined that I discovered the real secret to Cord Meyer’s success is its people. Throughout every department, the men and women who make up Cord Meyer are squarely focused on one goal — meeting the needs of our tenants.  From day one I was impressed with their commitment. When Covid-19 hit, I learned the true depth of their dedication.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wrote that the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort but where he stands at times of challenge. That observation applies to our company officers, managers, support staff, and everyone who contributes to our daily success. During the early days of the pandemic each individual made a near-instant transition to working remotely. Regardless of what troubles they faced in their personal lives, each stayed focused on his or her responsibilities and what mattered most — seeing that our tenants were served. As conditions improved during the summer, we created new opportunities for tenants, including hosting events and promotions at the Bay Terrace Shopping Center.

Navigating the unprecedented circumstances brought on by Covid-19 is an ongoing challenge. I am grateful to have such an exceptional team in place to work through issues as they arise. It’s a Cord Meyer tradition that dates back more than 115 years.

As I begin my second year here, I look forward to exploring new growth initiatives for the company and its shareholders, marking important milestones, such as the recent grand opening of Bay Lane Estates, and continuing to partner with not-for-profits like Commonpoint Queens to strengthen our support of the surrounding community.

 I hope you enjoy our inaugural newsletter. On behalf of everyone at Cord Meyer, thank you and be well.

Saluting Commonpoint Queens


When Covid-19 came to Queens earlier this year, Commonpoint Queens, the largest social services agency in Queens, was faced with a loss of critical funding for a swath of its programs, including its popular Summer Youth Employment Program. With a keen interest in salvaging what it could, Commonpoint Queens turned to Cord Meyer Development for help in continuing the program. Cord Meyer responded with a $30,000 donation to cover the costs of 12 students.

“This is far from the first time that Cord Meyer has come to the aid of Commonpoint Queens,” says Danielle Ellman, Chief Executive Officer of Commonpoint Queens. “Cord Meyer understands what it means to be a good neighbor.”

Commonpoint Queens delivered thousands of prepared meals to homebound seniors from the start of Covid-19.
Danielle Ellman, Chief Executive Officer of Commonpoint Queens

Formed in 2018 with the merger of the Samuel Field Y and the Central Queens Y, Commonpoint Queens enhances the lives of more than 50,000 individuals and families with vital programs for children, parents and seniors. It offers early childhood programs, summer camp, senior services, mental health resources, health and wellness programs, and crisis support including career help and two food pantries through their flagship centers in Little Neck and Forest Hills and in close to 60 locations across the borough.

Throughout the COVID crisis, Commonpoint Queens has continued to assist the community with critical programs; running seven emergency childcare centers for frontline workers and stepping up its food pantry and prepared meal delivery and other programs.

“The world has shifted but our commitment and mission to provide services for the borough’s residents, including its most vulnerable, hasn’t changed,” Ellman observes. “We are extremely grateful for the relationship we have with Cord Meyer Development. They help us in diverse ways and have never failed to come through in a meaningful way. They’ve donated funds, employed members of the community, pitched in with labor and materials to help us build a playground, and they allow us to use their parking lot for staff and other parking needs. Cord Meyer‘s people contribute as a group and as individuals. There is a lot of work to be done now and in the future and Cord Meyer is a valued partner.”


To learn more about Commonpoint Queens, please visit CommonpointQueens.org.
In Forest Hills, please call 718-268-5011; in Little Neck call 718-225-6750.



SoBol Bay Terrace

Peter Kalogeropoulos was already familiar with the Bay Terrace Shopping Center when his daughter, Olivia, proposed that the father-daughter team open a SoBol franchise.

“I have friends and family in Queens who have shopped at the Bay Terrace for years,” Peter explains. “Olivia and her younger sister, Alexis, were working at the SoBol by where we live on Long Island. Once we decided to move forward with the franchise, I knew that the Bay Terrace would be a great fit for us.”

Featuring healthy, delicious acai bowls, green bowls, Sunshine bowls, Belgian waffles, fruit smoothies and other fresh options blended daily, SoBol Bay Terrace held its grand opening in early 2020 and quickly proved popular with shoppers, employees from the surrounding stores, and those visiting the Bay Terrace for banking and other services. “Between word of mouth and great write-ups in the local press, we were building a strong following,” Peter points out. “Cord Meyer let us put up extra signage out front. People knew about us and were stopping in to see what SoBol was all about. Then, in March, Covid-19 hit.”

Olivia Kalogeropoulos greets customers with a smile at the new SoBol Bay Terrace.

Like so many other businesses, SoBol had to temporarily close its doors, not reopening until May 15th. “It was a challenge,” Peter remarks. “You’re building momentum and then everything is put on hold.”

Since reopening, however, SoBol has welcomed back a steady stream of customers, including neighbors from the surrounding communities who enjoy the healthy food options made their way. “Everything can be customized here, which is what people love about us,” Peter says proudly. “You pick what size you want and from there the choices are endless.”

Judging from its many five-star Yelp reviews, customers also love the friendly staff, the great vibe when you visit, and the fact that SoBol Bay Terrace adheres to such strict safety protocols, including offering curbside pickup, takeout, and contact-free delivery. Most of all, though, people appreciate that SoBol’s meal and snack selections are anything but ordinary. As one Yelper puts it, “I’m so glad that they opened a SoBol here! This place reminded me why it’s good to live in Queens with our diverse food options.”

Be sure to stop down and experience SoBol for yourself. For more information, call 646-762-6567 or visit www.mysobol.com. SoBol Bay Terrace is open seven days a week from 10 am to 8 pm.

Bay Lane Estates Celebrates Grand Opening

Located at 212th Street and 23rd Avenue near Cord Meyer’s Bay Terrace Shopping Center, Bay Lane Estates is now open to the public and welcoming potential buyers with a brand new collection of luxury townhomes.

Each two-family home at Bay Lane Estates is steeped in contemporary style with modern conveniences, including chef-inspired kitchens, state-of-the-art appointments, and spacious layouts. Located in the heart of Bayside, these beautiful residences can serve as income-producing properties or the perfect home for your family in one of the most desirable neighborhoods in New York City.

Bay Lane Estates represents a unique opportunity to own something that can change your life, your income, and your future. Discover Bay Lane for yourself. To make an appointment, call 718-281-0080 or visit BayLaneEstates.com.



Cord Meyer Director of Security


For Damian Donohue, who has served as Cord Meyer Director of Security since 2011 and began in the Public Safety Department in 2002, public safety is all about helping the community. Damian believes that “community” includes the tenants who lease space from Cord Meyer and extends to those who work in their stores and offices, frequent their establishments, or live in the surrounding area.

“My department is here for everyone,” he explains. “It’s a responsibility we take very seriously. When I get a chance to help someone in the field it’s the highlight of my day.”

Damian oversees a department comprised of approximately 30 full- and part-time New York State Peace Officers. Each man and woman belonging to the Cord Meyer Public Safety Department must undergo extensive training and testing, including ongoing refresher courses. “Peace Officers are deputized and carry more responsibilities than a security guard, including the ability to make an arrest,” he explains. “We work very closely with local law enforcement and emergency services. Our number one goal is to maintain a safe, healthy, and welcoming environment for anyone on Cord Meyer property.” 

In addition to ongoing patrols, Damian and his department manage public safety at all events held at the Bay Terrace, including the popular Drive-In Movie nights presented this summer.

The Cord Meyer Public Safety Department runs through and out of the Bay Terrace Shopping Center, viewed by Damian as the” crown jewel” in Cord Meyer’s portfolio. “It’s a very special community destination,” he observes. “The Bay Terrace is where families and people of all ages come together to enjoy shopping and dining. Our public safety staff is always patrolling, ready to respond to any incident or emergency. One of our peace officers even helped deliver a baby once at Bath & Body Works! You never know what the day will bring but we’re always well prepared.”

Beyond patrolling, Damian and his department take a proactive role when it comes to safety and security, making it a point to meet with tenants on a regular basis to determine whether they have any issues.

“’How can we be of service?’ is something we always ask,” Damian concludes. “It’s part of the Cord Meyer philosophy that begins at the top. Cord Meyer cares deeply about its tenants and that is reflected in their approach to safety. I’m proud to say that my staff meets and exceeds all New York State standards thanks to Cord Meyer’s commitment to maintaining a robust, well-trained Public Safety Department.”

2020 Employee Anniversaries

Cord Meyer is proud to count so many longtime employees. Each has contributed to our success and each employee continues to play an important role in our organization. A big congratulations to the following on their 2020 anniversaries:

30 years – Joe Briceno-Garcia
25 years – Anthony Delgado

20 years – Damian Donohue
15 years – Joseph Forgione

15 years – Stephen McKinney
15 years – Stephen Simon


’Tis the Season

With the holidays just around the corner, the Bay Terrace is serving up socially-distanced cheer for the whole family. A full listing of events can be found on the Bay Terrace website at www.BayTerrace.com or by visiting Here.

Everyone at Cord Meyer wishes
you and yours best wishes for a
happy and healthy holiday season.